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My Spring Garden

It is a welcome relief to see my bare garden soil all filled by green growth from the plants awakening from a Winter’s sleep.

The season of stagnation due to the Corona virus attack on our Nation, Towns and Villages, and the necessary draw back on our activities have done a mandatory slowdown of our lives. As hard as we tried and as positive an attitude we touted, it was not at all easy to face the long days of inactivity that we, the retired community faced.

And then came Spring. In Chicagoland, the warm days brought many days of rain. Though the few thunderstorms were disturbing our peace, in general the spring came in without any catastrophic tornadoes. What a blessing.

My garden, and the chores that go with it called me out every day, starting with the new sprouts of growth in the ground, and seedlings that I started from scratch to tend to. And then, when I thought it had rained enough, the ground was drying because of the hot 90® sunny days. Unpredictable!!!

That really helped. Since I had to be up to water and tend to the sensitive seedlings before the hot noon sun hit them, I found more hours in the day to read and write. Hence a new book is being born, from my head via the computer keys to a Word document. I know there will be a completed work worth reading by the end of the year.

And as these pictures show, my Spring Garden is already a kaleidoscopic mass of color.

Just goes to show that no Virus threats, no restrictions and no personal attacks need to shut down our spirit and strength and we will get to enjoy the fruits of our labor, for sure.


 June 2020

Cloudy Summer Day

June 14, 2015

A cloudy summer day today. The rains in the last two days have beat up my peonies. The flowers have shed their million petals and the resulting  tricolor tapestry of pink, magenta and crimson design decorate the green grass below the plants. I know the next wind will erase the design that Mother Nature created. Replacing the colorful peonies, yellow primrose, white and pink penstimmon and purple and pink columbines have raised their stalks with glorious flowers.  On and on the flower show continues.

Every year when the weeding gets to me, or the rabbits eat all my petunias, I wow to stop planting any more petunias or eggplants. But summer comes and the colors in my garden make me forget the labor that goes into maintaining it.

The flip side is that the labor in my gardens keeps my body and my mind healthy. In my younger days I had many more roses because that is the only flower bush that blooms all summer long.

I will include my Vegetable garden philosophy here. Food for thought!

                                                                  My Vegetable Garden Philosophy

My vegetable garden symbolizes my philosophy in life.

Life need not be ordinary.

Hard work and ordinary chores are the necessary backbone of survival.

Yet, to limit ourselves into shaggy vegetable gardens is not needed.


The ordinary activities of life, even as the naturally unruly vegetable growth

can and should be glorified

by the beauty of paths that take you to nowhere—

but into our own selves.


Need a fountain or two keep our eyes upwards to

divert us from any tired and dead plants at end of autumn.

Need some rising colors of sunflowers and zinnias

to contrast with the browns of the aging spinach or the graying cucumber vines.


All this we need to help uplift the rising spirit of our souls

even as our aging bodies claim rest from our labors.


The beauty created by me in my vegetable garden

echos the beauty that I create in my life.

Amongst the mundane in our lives and amongst pain we cannot avoid,

we still cherish the smiling face of a sunflower or of a special smiling boy,


Enjoy a bear hug from a girl child

like hugs of a morning glory vine around a wooden post.

Cascading marigolds suggest the loud laughter of a tickled child

Red tomatoes on vines warm me the same as chubby red baby cheeks


Purple eggplants bring royalty to my stone throne

the beauty of life reflected, elevate me out of painful chores

Albeit, the chores are the backbone of survival

And oh so necessary for living!


Shakuntala Rajagopal

June 2015