Gratitude is the Attitude

Gratitude is what gives me the most joy. For, when I am grateful for something or somebody, I know I was bestowed with some blessing. A gift, a phone call, a thank you for my cooking a favorite dish, or my counsel—any of these coming my way—I am grateful for I am deeply grateful for a hug from my Travis. I am grateful for ”I love you, mom,” from any of my three daughters.

In a Summer Camp my grandson attended a few years ago, “Gratitude is the Attitude,” was the theme for the week. Citing well lived lives of characters in Epic stories and also of persons in our lifetime e.g. Mother Teresa, the children were taught how to be grateful for blessings in our lives.

If only we can ask ourselves every day, “what are you grateful for today?” and we have an answer, I know that would put a smile on our faces.

And today, I am grateful for my Barrington Writers Workshop group. The Tuesday morning meeting that brings us together to read, share, and get our writings reviewed and critiqued. I have always said this is a kind group. We criticize, but don’t attack anyone’s words. Constructive ideas are rendered kindly. Maybe a soft reprimand if any of the writing seems offensive.

I feel a wave of gratitude flow through me this morning. The best part is when I didn’t feel like writing, the group’s activity, hearing the written words of the members prompted and pushed me to write what I was feeling. And for that I am grateful.

Shakuntala Rajagopal