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Our little guy, my youngest Grandson, at fourteen months of age, has learned to say Namasté with ease. He puts his chubby little hands together, palm touching palm and says with pride in his baby voice, “té.”   ??????

This Indian greeting is accompanied by a slight bow of the head, in a sign of respect.

In the truest sense, Namasté means Nam = name (representing one’s name,) sté = stuthi or praise. The essence is I praise your name. What could be a more cordial and respectful greeting when you meet someone?

In a different interpretation, the Divinity, “Nam” within me recognizes and respects the Divinity within “té” or thou.

Whichever meaning you choose to accept; this greeting is the most uplifting one I can think of. Also, the whole posture of a humble greeting elevates the mood of any person greeted in such a way. Who can deny or ignore that feeling when someone honors you as an equal or greater one?

In this time of social distancing, when the whole world is trying to stay safe and avoid the COVID-19 from spreading, this age-old Indian custom of greeting each other saying Namasté, and bowing one’s head as a physical expression to accompany this greeting, appears to be a good habit to adopt.

Let us all greet each other with a “Namasté,” and help a few more smiles to erupt when so many are frowning due to their hardships.  

Namasté   ??????

Shakuntala Rajagopal