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“Transplanted From 110 Degrees in the Shade to 10 Degrees below Zero in the Sun, ”
is my Memoir that has been released by Outskirts press on March 16th, 2019

It was with great awe that I held the first book out of the box, and with great reverence and gratitude that I placed a book by the deity Ganesha’s idol (The remover of obstacles,) at the top of my stairs.


My memoir named Transplanted, from 110° F in the Shade to 10° F in the Sun, recounts my experiences as a young doctor of 23 years old who left the South Indian tropical town, Thiruananthapuram, and got dropped into a ten degrees frigid Chicago winter forty-eight hours later. Despite the strange foods I had to adjust to, the strange clothes that I needed to survive the cold, and even the strangeness of the English language (which I had hitherto believed I was well versed in, ) I was able to mold my life and likes, and establish myself as a successful pathologist, a dedicated wife, strong yet kind and loving mother and grandmother, and now a Matriarch to an extended family of fifty two in Chicagoland. I can do it attitude, an open mind and willingness to grow, and the vigor with which I faced my challenges made me successful in accepting and assimilating the American heritage for my own. How I contributed to the melting pot of America while becoming part of it, is itself a story worth reading. Anybody displaced from a place of comfort, whether 100 miles or 10,000 miles, anyone seeking guidance to overcome adversities, and anyone interested in “the Immigrant story” will find my book helpful to survive adversity and prosper in a strange land or a strange town.

Personal comment: My memories of the people I grew up with, mainly My Ammoomma (Grandmother) my Dad, my Mom, my Ammachi (maternal aunt)and Valiachan(my uncle by marriage to Ammachi) greatly contributed to who I am today. The love they showered on me, and the love and support I gained from husband Raj played a significant part in how strong I became in facing all challenges in life. I could not be me and not record all that I gained within the pages of this book.

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